Draftsman Brisbane

Specialist Draftsman For The Brisbane Area


Choosing a Draftsman Brisbane Builders Trust

Are you a home builder or a home buyer?  Either way, when it is time for you to get your construction drawings created you want to contract a draftsman Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area builders trust.  You want local inspectors to feel just as confident in your Brisbane draftsman, also.  When they see a name they trust on the drawings it gives them confidence the home was built to local specifications and makes their job much easier.


Drafting Services with Local Knowledge

Part of building this level of trust comes from knowing local regulations and building authorities.  Anyone providing drafting solutions in the region needs to be aware of building codes, fire codes, easement, and setback rules.  This is not a small task.  When you consider all of the cities, towns, developments, and other regulatory groups involved within the region it is a massive undertaking to stay up to date.  One firm which has proven consistently they can stay up with this task is Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd.  Their drawings pass through permit offices with ease due to their efforts to get it right the first time.

This local knowledge cannot stop with just knowing the rules and regulations.  It must extend to knowing the people behind these rules.  Your choice of Brisbane draftsman should be well known to the permit departments, various council offices, and to local building inspectors.  They need to be recognized as a high quality drafting company by local builders, also.

These types of contacts are developed by being involved in the building community.  It does not come by sitting in the office all week creating drawings.  Both Daryl Wood and Kwang Ja Lim of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd believe in being a part of their industry’s important events.  By being involved they get to know the important people in the industry helping to smooth your projects journey through the construction process.


Confidence Comes from Well-Rounded Experience

It is hard to imagine anyone can truly understand all the intricacies of building a home by only being a draftsman.  To really understand what is going to happen on the construction site requires experience with a hammer in your hand and working with the materials.

Look for drafting solutions from a company who has a team with experience out in the field, as a great example look at the history of Daryl Wood.  He worked as a carpenter, moved into the construction supply business, and finally started his career as a building draftsman after extensive training.  These years of experience working on construction sites and with building materials gives him the understanding of what his changes on a drawing are going to mean to the builders.

When your Brisbane draftsman has this level of experience they understand how simple material changes can make major differences in construction time.  Some materials require special tools, added time, and careful handling potentially adding dozens of hours to your new home construction.   The opposite is true, also.  With this experience they can recommend minor changes to materials which can cut costs and save labor time.  This translates to lower production costs and builders who beat their deadlines instead of slipping schedules.


Comparing Cost, Experience, and Capability of Different Draftsman

It is recommended you get a quote for your construction drawings before letting a company start the creation process.  Drafting Services Pty Ltd offers a free quote and delivers it within 48 hours.

The reason these quotes are so important is not just due to cost.  The cost is an important factor to consider, but it also helps you evaluate the experience of the drafting team, their capabilities, and the services they are offering.

Is all you need from the draftsman Brisbane builders suggest is for them to make the drawings?  You might be interested in them taking care of other tasks leading up to your permit getting approved.  This can include minor items like getting soil samples, getting a land survey, or just processing the permit for you.  All of these items take time and are best handled by a team who understands how to get the processed quickly and properly.  This can save you time while costing you only a few extra dollars.

Capability will include the ability of your draftsman to design a house which matches your dreams.  Some new draftsmen are only comfortable with simpler designs.  They may not be confident jumping into a project which involves a modern home design with split-level floors, specialty stairs, split roofs, and other advanced features.  Review the portfolio of the drafting services companies you are considering.  Look to see if they have designed homes similar to your dream house.


Friendly and Professional Services

If is critical the draftsman Brisbane builders and residents recommend is able to communicate easily and effectively with you.  You want a friendly relationship which makes it an enjoyable experience, but you want to know they are 100% professional when they get down to work.

Consider how important this friendly attitude is.   The team providing the drafting solutions will be working with you, the permit offices, supplies, inspectors, and your builder.  They need to be able to keep the communications flowing smoothly and be able to explain their ideas clearly both in their drawings and verbally when the need arises.

They must be professional when dealing with all of these people, also.  Their level of professionalism is what creates confidence and trust in the entire team working to get your home finished.

The process of choosing your Brisbane draftsman does not have to be difficult.  Talk to Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd and get a free quote.  Then you have the ideal comparison point for visiting with other drafting services.  Their level of experience, professional attitude, capability, and the confidence they have earned from the building community makes them the standard to beat.  Just make sure you remember, the lowest cost may not be the highest value.  Look at all of the factors we have discussed to choose the company who will save you money and effort in the long term.