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Do Home Buyers or Builders Get a Better Deal with a Brisbane Draftsman?

Whose shoes are you in today?  If you are the home buyer you might be curious if you can save money by dealing directly with a draftsman Brisbane builders and other buyers recommend.  If you are the home builder you may be trying to find a cost effective way to get designs finished and offload some of your responsibilities during the design and planning phases of a project.  Some drafting firms specialize in working with builders and others deal exclusively with home buyers.  Then there are those few companies who split their drafting services between both groups.

Who Gets the Best Deal from the Draftsman?

If you are talking about the raw cost of drawings quite often a builder will get slightly lower prices from many Brisbane drafting companies.  They offer discounts with the hope of keeping their business over time.

If you are working with a company who specializes by only working with home buyers, then of course the buyer gets the best deal.   What you really need is a Brisbane draftsman who works in between these two groups.  The draftsman should be the person who creates a feeling of trust, confidence, and competence between all parties in the home construction team.  Their job is to make sure the home buyers dreams are moved from wishes in their minds into solid plans for creating the home.

The winner when you choose to work with a company who specializes in working with both sides is everyone.  Communication is easier.  The draftsman listens to the needs and requirements from both sides of the table and helps to bring the vision together.

One company who works in this manner is Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.  They spend about 50% of their time on projects paid for by the home buyer and the other 50% working with builders.  They hear both sides of the story and help bring everyone together for the best built home possible.

The Real Difference is in Services Required

What you should consider is how the needs of builders and home buyers usually vary.  The home buyer has probably never applied for a building permit.  They have probably never worked with an engineer for required soil tests.  They have not gone over the details of a build with a building inspector for final approval.

The home builder on the other hand has probably done all of these things many times.  He may have no desire for the Brisbane draftsman to do these tasks.  He plans to take care of them on his own.  The home buyer probably wants someone to step through the process for them.  This will fall onto the shoulders of either the builder or the draftsman.

Often letting the draftsman take care of these issues is ideal.  It allows the home buyer to keep his options open for which builder will get the business until the last minute when everything is finalized and construction is ready to be started.

Even home builders sometimes like to get rid of these tasks so they can focus on other projects.   They can turn over this tedious work to the draftsman Brisbane builders and home buyers trust to get the job done.

In the final analysis the person who gets the best deal is the one who picks up the phone and call Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd first.    They will have the knowledge they are working with a drafting company who make sure all the details are taken care of and construction can get underway.