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What Types of Services Can A Draftsman Brisbane Offer?

September 5th

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What kind of project are you preparing to start on? Building a new home, a garage, extensions to your home, renovations, or even fixing code violations require careful planning and budgeting. The start of your efforts needs to be the planning phase which should take place with a draftsman Brisbane councilmen, permit officials, and other authorities recognize as competent.
For any of these types of construction projects you should sit down with a Brisbane draftsman with experience in creating drawings on similar projects. The cost of your drafting solutions will vary dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project. A large project like an apartment building, house, or business is going to be much more expensive than the less complex drawings for a garage.
What Will Your Draftsman Need for Renovations or Extensions?

If you are planning to make renovations, add extensions, or correct problems with your home it is always a good idea for you to have a set of the original construction drawings for your Brisbane draftsman. Sadly, the majority of us never receive a copy of our construction drawings since we were not the people who ordered them. They usually stay in the possession of the carpenter or contractor who commissioned the original drawings.
When you do not have the original drawings it may be necessary for the draftsman to make a least a simple drawing of your home to show how the extensions or renovations will affect the existing structure. The drawings may not need to be complete detailed drawings. You can find out what will be required by sitting down with a licensed Brisbane draftsman to discuss your project and show them what you have.


A company like Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd will take a look at your ideas for making changes and then can inform you much work will be involved. This step will not take much time or cost you anything if you are working with Drafting Concepts. They offer free quotes for most drafting projects and get them done within 48 hours.
The Building Permit Circus

Are you ready to enter the three-ring circus of getting building permits approved? Most times things go smoothly and you get your permit quickly. Then there are those times when a reviewer looks over the plans and decides something does not meet code. Suddenly you are running back and forth between your Brisbane draftsman and the permit office trying to get things sorted out.



Think how much easier it would be if the person who created the plans was the same person getting the permit. They will quickly understand the concerns of the reviewer and can make the corrections or explain why the plans meet local codes. This saves you time and allows you to get started building faster.
Keep in mind not every company providing drafting services offers this level of service. Many just create the drawings for your renovation or extension and then turn it back over to you. This is true even on new home designs. Make sure your draftsman is able to work with local permit offices to help get the approvals you need.
Final Inspection is When the Fun Ends

Will the draftsman Brisbane officials enjoy working with stick with you all the way through the final inspection? This is one more question you should be asking. You want to know your project is going to be approved for use and not be a long-term ongoing project needing further changes. Drafting Concepts is one of the Brisbane drafting services who stick with their clients until the end.

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