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The Hidden Dangers Your Brisbane Draftsman Can Help Uncover

July 18th

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You may have already established the budget you intend to spend for your building project. You know exactly how much you intend to spend and do not want to go one dollar over it. Many times construction gets started and suddenly expenses skyrocket and budgets are destroyed. How can choosing a draftsman Brisbane home builders use regularly make a difference in maintaining your budget?


Siting Your Home or Building is One of the Biggest Budget Dangers

Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd published an article talking about the dangers of siting buildings and his points are something home buyers need to be very aware of. Your property often holds unknown budget breaking dangers. As Daryl pointed out in his article a few factors which can cause problems include:
• Soil Contamination
• Rock Layers
• Poor Drainage
• Soil Consistency
• Footing Requirements


By choosing a Brisbane draftsman who works with your through the entire process you can help limit the potential risk with good up front research. The first item you should ask is whether your draftsman can work with an engineer to get proper soil testing done. This can help eliminate the risks of polluted and contaminated soil which must be replaced prior to construction starting. If possible you should have this step done prior to buying your property.

A few other issues which can be quickly spotted by the person providing your drafting solutions are potential drainage issues or local sewage and retaining wall regulations which could cause dramatic cost increases. If you have not purchased the land for your home yet, it might be a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable Brisbane draftsman on areas of your community with the least risk and problems for construction. Their contacts within the building community can be invaluable to you.

One item which is hard to determine before the heavy equipment starts digging is rock layers. If your home is going to be built into a hillside it is very possible to run into rocks which can increase the excavation costs rapidly. As Daryl Wood points out in his article, choosing land which is as flat as possible is one of the safest ideas for maintaining a tight budget. This of course would change immediately if you were planning to build a basement or other room which requires excavation.

The Importance of Contacts in Holding Your Budget

The reason using a high quality Brisbane draftsman like the ones at Drafting Concepts is critical is their contacts. They know who to call and ask questions about particular areas and developments. The relationships they have forged with local geologists, surveyors, builders, inspectors, and real estate developers allows them to quickly discover what types of problems have been found in certain areas of the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas fast. They can then share this information with you as you plan your home construction. Without this information you might buy a piece of land which goes from a beautiful spot to build into a money pit.
The other item which is usually overlooked by home buyers is the big difference in cost which can be associated to local regulations and requirements. Simple rules about drainage, sewage, setbacks, and other rulings can change your home building costs by thousands of dollars. Working with a draftsman Brisbane and Sunshine Coast experienced means they know the differences in those rules. They can help guide you to what property can save you money, or modify your plans to stay within budget based upon those rules. You may not be able to eliminate all of the hidden dangers to your budget, but you can reduce them by working with the right Brisbane draftsman.

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