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March 1st

Brisbane draftsman, Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd, by Draftsman Brisbane.

The weather in Queensland can play havoc on your heating and cooling bills during the year. An important element of any home design today is energy efficiency. The house needs to be built tight, well insulated, and to take advantage of your environment. Sometimes simple modest changes and ideas provided by your draftsman, Brisbane builder, or suppliers can save you a lot of money over the years.

Consider a simple piece of advice your Brisbane draftsman might give you. Window glass, sizes, and direction can play a big role in your home’s energy effectiveness. Your draftsman might recommend you use lightly tinted glass, triple pane windows, or even reduce windows on one side of the house. These minor changes can help reduce your utility bills and make your cost of ownership lower.

Windows, Doors, Roofing, and Siding All Play Critical Roles in Efficiency

Windows and door are two of the obvious items which most companies offering drafting services pay attention to. It is those hidden items which can cost even greater amounts of money and sometimes are overlooked. What type of insulation is being specified in your drawings? How much insulation? Where is the insulation being placed? A well insulated house cut 25% off of your energy bill, or possibly more. Those savings can be applied to making home payments instead of watching the money float off into space.

The materials which are specified for you siding and roofing can play a major role in home energy efficiency, too. Some drafting solutions avoid specifying higher grade materials in the fear it is too costly. A top notch Sunshine Coast or Brisbane draftsman like Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd understands this decision should be left up to the home buyer, not his whims. Spending just a few extra dollars on higher efficiency siding, roofing, and insulation can save more money in one or two years than it cost. Then in each succeeding year it becomes creates a lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of your home.
You can choose if you wish to have an energy efficient home to help the environment or just from your own personal decision to save money. In either situation getting the right home design requires working with a Brisbane draftsman who develops highly energy efficient homes. You can even elect to take this to another level and add solar panels for heating water, generating electricity, or providing a secondary source of hot air for your furnace system. These added items will add to the cost of your home, but reduce your dependence on the utility company. Ask the draftsman Brisbane residents turn to when they want to create an efficient home, Drafting Concepts.

Listen Closely To Ideas for More Energy Efficiency

When you sit down with Daryl Woods or Kwang Ja Lim tell them what types of energy efficient ideas you would like to explore. They can discuss estimated costs and potential implementation challenges with you. They may recommend you explore other ideas which can give you even better savings with less overall cost. Their years of experience working with builders and construction suppliers allow them to speak with authority on what works well.

Energy efficient design does not happen by accident. It takes careful thought and planning as the drafting solutions for your new home are created. This is one design feature which gives you a solid return on investment by cutting your energy costs for years.
Make sure you drafting Services Company understand your intent during your initial interview to get a free quote. Your Brisbane draftsman can make your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and cost efficient year round.

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