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March 1st

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Creativity is a trait not every draftsman Brisbane home buyers talk to possess. Many of the people offering drafting services throughout the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas are excellent at putting lines on the computer, but when it comes to making innovative design choices or creatively overcoming problems they get stuck.

Creativity is something you should strongly desire in your choice of Brisbane draftsman. You may not be worried about high creativity from an aesthetic standpoint, but you should be interested in it from a functional standpoint. If your property has any unique features, is in an area with restrictive building codes, or any other challenges, it requires a creative mind to work within these restrictions and still build a home which meets your desires.

Do You Desire an Artistic Home or a Comfortable Home?

Not everyone desires a home which is artistic or a show-piece. Many of us just want a home which is highly functional, comfortable, and easy to maintain. This does not change the need to have an innovative person providing your drafting solutions. You probably have a few unique desires, special appliances, or some other item which makes your home special. It is sometimes these small differences which require the most innovative mind. How can you take a relatively standard design and make it mesh perfectly with the desires of the home buyer?

Daryl Wood and Kwang Ja Lim of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd are insistent on good communication with home buyers and builders during the design process. They have concluded the only way to be truly innovative and creative in designing a home is to work closely with the people who will build the home and live in it. A designer can sometimes come up with wild ideas only to discover they are going to be extremely costly or the buyer hates them. By communicating clearly throughout the process they make sure their creative ideas come together smoothly with the ideas of the home buyer and the needs of the builder.

When you sit down with your Brisbane draftsman during the quoting process or design phase of your home ask them questions about their most innovative properties. A fun question to ask is about how they overcame their biggest drafting challenge. The answers to these types of questions can give you some insight into their capability.

Browse Portfolios to Generate Ideas


Looking through the portfolio of draftsman Brisbane home buyers have been using will give you some good clues to their creative mind, also. A great example of creativity can be seen in the portfolio of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd. Take a look at the Miami Mansion they designed. The multiple levels of the home, the attached swimming pool, and fact the house is built into a hillside all required innovative ideas. Your home plans may not be quite as elaborate, but the same attention to detail is required.

What if you desire a creative home but are without ideas on your own? This is another time it is good to talk to your draftsman, Brisbane builders, and maybe even an artistic minded friend. Ask to see some the homes they have worked on in the past. Visit with them about where they get ideas from. Talk to your draftsman about what you find interesting, your lifestyle needs, and long-term desires. They can help you to take your whirling thoughts and start putting them into rough sketches and final construction drawings. When you have selected the right Brisbane draftsman coming up with innovative ideas is just part of their fun. Talk to Daryl or Kwang Ja Lim at Drafting Concepts about getting a free quote and at the same time discuss with them some of your ideas and desires.

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