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There is a bit of controversy in the minds of many people who hire a Sunshine Coast or Brisbane draftsman about who exactly owns the drawing once it is completed. We need to separate two concepts to make this clear. The two portions are ownership of use and who holds the copyright. These rules should hold true for every draftsman Brisbane builders have in their employment or independent draftsmen.
We will start off by discussing the issue of copyright since this is where the confusion begins. A copyright is granted to the person who creates a unique work such as a book, article, painting, or home construction drawings. They copyright is the creator protection to keep their intellectual work from being copied and reused without their consent.
Copyright vs Ownership of Drawings

When you hire a Brisbane draftsman to create your home construction drawings for a new home, renovation, or extension they will almost always put a copyright on the drawing. This protects them from having a builder, material supply house, or other person who gains access to the drawing from freely sharing and publishing the drawing without their express consent. They do not wish for their hard work to become public property.
It might seem this is restrictive to you, the person buying the drawing, but in reality it is a blessing to you, also. You commissioned this project so you would have a unique home which is yours. If the drawings become freely available you might suddenly discover your home being reproduced right in your own neighborhood.
When we discuss ownership of the drawing things change slightly. You have purchased exclusive rights to the drawing you commissioned. It is your drawing to use for the creation of your home and to maintain a copy of. What you cannot do it take the drawings the draftsman created and have another firm reproduce the drawing.
Getting Permission to Use Your Own Drawings?

These issues come to the forefront most commonly when a home owner wishes to have an extension added or do renovations. The new draftsman cannot take the existing drawings and duplicate them for his own use. He must either request permission from the other drafting firm or make an original drawing of the basic structure for his use. In most cases a simple request by the home owner who originally commissioned the drafting project will get the proper permissions to use the drawings for the renovation project.
Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd has some excellent explanations of these issues on their site. They want to make sure their clients understand these issues fully. One interesting point they bring up concerns the sketches and rough drawings created by you or when you work in tandem with them during a consultation. Those drawings are normally considered the property of the home owner and can be taken to other draftsmen for quotes.
Drawings Discovered Online May Not Be Free to Use

Why do we need to discuss these issues and make them clear? It is because frequently people wishing to build a home have found floor plans and drawings from a website online and brings them into a draftsman. They want to drawings tweaked slightly to create their own home construction drawings. As any reputable company providing drafting services will explain they cannot use those drawings, they will need to create drawings based upon the concept. Your drafting solutions will need to be uniquely created for you. If you have found plans online you would like to use bring them to a free quote consultation at Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd and ask Daryl Wood and Kwang Ja Lim what you can do and cannot do with the drawings. They will clearly explain your options and provide you with an estimate of costs to make the drawings you need.

What kind of project are you preparing to start on? Building a new home, a garage, extensions to your home, renovations, or even fixing code violations require careful planning and budgeting. The start of your efforts needs to be the planning phase which should take place with a draftsman Brisbane councilmen, permit officials, and other authorities recognize as competent.
For any of these types of construction projects you should sit down with a Brisbane draftsman with experience in creating drawings on similar projects. The cost of your drafting solutions will vary dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project. A large project like an apartment building, house, or business is going to be much more expensive than the less complex drawings for a garage.
What Will Your Draftsman Need for Renovations or Extensions?

If you are planning to make renovations, add extensions, or correct problems with your home it is always a good idea for you to have a set of the original construction drawings for your Brisbane draftsman. Sadly, the majority of us never receive a copy of our construction drawings since we were not the people who ordered them. They usually stay in the possession of the carpenter or contractor who commissioned the original drawings.
When you do not have the original drawings it may be necessary for the draftsman to make a least a simple drawing of your home to show how the extensions or renovations will affect the existing structure. The drawings may not need to be complete detailed drawings. You can find out what will be required by sitting down with a licensed Brisbane draftsman to discuss your project and show them what you have.


A company like Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd will take a look at your ideas for making changes and then can inform you much work will be involved. This step will not take much time or cost you anything if you are working with Drafting Concepts. They offer free quotes for most drafting projects and get them done within 48 hours.
The Building Permit Circus

Are you ready to enter the three-ring circus of getting building permits approved? Most times things go smoothly and you get your permit quickly. Then there are those times when a reviewer looks over the plans and decides something does not meet code. Suddenly you are running back and forth between your Brisbane draftsman and the permit office trying to get things sorted out.



Think how much easier it would be if the person who created the plans was the same person getting the permit. They will quickly understand the concerns of the reviewer and can make the corrections or explain why the plans meet local codes. This saves you time and allows you to get started building faster.
Keep in mind not every company providing drafting services offers this level of service. Many just create the drawings for your renovation or extension and then turn it back over to you. This is true even on new home designs. Make sure your draftsman is able to work with local permit offices to help get the approvals you need.
Final Inspection is When the Fun Ends

Will the draftsman Brisbane officials enjoy working with stick with you all the way through the final inspection? This is one more question you should be asking. You want to know your project is going to be approved for use and not be a long-term ongoing project needing further changes. Drafting Concepts is one of the Brisbane drafting services who stick with their clients until the end.

You may have already established the budget you intend to spend for your building project. You know exactly how much you intend to spend and do not want to go one dollar over it. Many times construction gets started and suddenly expenses skyrocket and budgets are destroyed. How can choosing a draftsman Brisbane home builders use regularly make a difference in maintaining your budget?


Siting Your Home or Building is One of the Biggest Budget Dangers

Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd published an article talking about the dangers of siting buildings and his points are something home buyers need to be very aware of. Your property often holds unknown budget breaking dangers. As Daryl pointed out in his article a few factors which can cause problems include:
• Soil Contamination
• Rock Layers
• Poor Drainage
• Soil Consistency
• Footing Requirements


By choosing a Brisbane draftsman who works with your through the entire process you can help limit the potential risk with good up front research. The first item you should ask is whether your draftsman can work with an engineer to get proper soil testing done. This can help eliminate the risks of polluted and contaminated soil which must be replaced prior to construction starting. If possible you should have this step done prior to buying your property.

A few other issues which can be quickly spotted by the person providing your drafting solutions are potential drainage issues or local sewage and retaining wall regulations which could cause dramatic cost increases. If you have not purchased the land for your home yet, it might be a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable Brisbane draftsman on areas of your community with the least risk and problems for construction. Their contacts within the building community can be invaluable to you.

One item which is hard to determine before the heavy equipment starts digging is rock layers. If your home is going to be built into a hillside it is very possible to run into rocks which can increase the excavation costs rapidly. As Daryl Wood points out in his article, choosing land which is as flat as possible is one of the safest ideas for maintaining a tight budget. This of course would change immediately if you were planning to build a basement or other room which requires excavation.

The Importance of Contacts in Holding Your Budget

The reason using a high quality Brisbane draftsman like the ones at Drafting Concepts is critical is their contacts. They know who to call and ask questions about particular areas and developments. The relationships they have forged with local geologists, surveyors, builders, inspectors, and real estate developers allows them to quickly discover what types of problems have been found in certain areas of the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas fast. They can then share this information with you as you plan your home construction. Without this information you might buy a piece of land which goes from a beautiful spot to build into a money pit.
The other item which is usually overlooked by home buyers is the big difference in cost which can be associated to local regulations and requirements. Simple rules about drainage, sewage, setbacks, and other rulings can change your home building costs by thousands of dollars. Working with a draftsman Brisbane and Sunshine Coast experienced means they know the differences in those rules. They can help guide you to what property can save you money, or modify your plans to stay within budget based upon those rules. You may not be able to eliminate all of the hidden dangers to your budget, but you can reduce them by working with the right Brisbane draftsman.

There are so many pieces of paper and hoops you must go through to get your construction project started and to have final approval for habitation. You must deal with surveyors, engineers, permit officials, and inspectors just to name a few of them. If you work with a draftsman Brisbane officials are familiar with things usually go smoother, faster, and cheaper.

Do you really want to deal with all of these issues on your own? If you are like many home buyers you have no desire to get involved in all of these issues. You just want to be informed of how the processes are going and to make sure everything stays within your budget.

Drafting Solutions for the Entire Job

Drafting solutions usually just cover the basic drawings needed for construction. They do not include someone working with you throughout the entire project and being ready to come running when there is trouble with an inspection or at a permit office.

Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd offers their services in a unique tiered method. They let you choose what items you want assistance with and then your costs are figured upon those needs. Obviously a developer who has several projects underway all of the time has no need for his drafting solutions to include help with building permits or inspectors. He deals with those offices every day. He knows who to talk and what to watch out for.

Home buyers who are managing their own construction project often need more assistance. They may not even know where to locate the permit office. When they start reading all of the details of getting a permit, explaining the plans, and getting questioned they often feel intimidated. This is why many of Drafting Concepts clients elect to have them step the project through all of these phases. It saves them time and aggravation, plus many times saves them money.

How Can Extended Drafting Services Save You Money?

You already know having someone else take care of these details is going to cost extra fees, so how can it save you money? How much does it cost you to take off work, go to the permit office, sit in line, and then discover you do not have everything you need and will be required to come back tomorrow? How much will it cost you to lose a couple days of construction time when an inspector misunderstands something in the plans? Those are just two samples of events which lead to you wasting time and money which could have been avoided by letting a team like Drafting Concepts take care of the details for you.

It might not be the few extra dollars which should concern you the most. Imagine your frustration to find out your construction project is going to be put on hold while some details you had overlooked get worked out. The construction team may not choose to sit around waiting and may start work on a “fast project” which then ends up delaying your home being completed even longer. These delays are frustrating and usually 100% avoidable.

Let the Professionals Talk to the Professionals

When you let the draftsman Brisbane building professionals already know do your talking things move forward faster and easier. They have built a level of trust with each other which allows for permits to happen fast. The inspectors have higher confidence on a build site where they are talking to the actual designer who can show them exactly how they dealt with code issues. By letting your professional Brisbane draftsman do the talking your project stays on track.

When you contact Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd for a drafting quote ask them about the cost for them to handle these details, too. You will be surprised how inexpensive added confidence is.


The weather in Queensland can play havoc on your heating and cooling bills during the year. An important element of any home design today is energy efficiency. The house needs to be built tight, well insulated, and to take advantage of your environment. Sometimes simple modest changes and ideas provided by your draftsman, Brisbane builder, or suppliers can save you a lot of money over the years.

Consider a simple piece of advice your Brisbane draftsman might give you. Window glass, sizes, and direction can play a big role in your home’s energy effectiveness. Your draftsman might recommend you use lightly tinted glass, triple pane windows, or even reduce windows on one side of the house. These minor changes can help reduce your utility bills and make your cost of ownership lower.

Windows, Doors, Roofing, and Siding All Play Critical Roles in Efficiency

Windows and door are two of the obvious items which most companies offering drafting services pay attention to. It is those hidden items which can cost even greater amounts of money and sometimes are overlooked. What type of insulation is being specified in your drawings? How much insulation? Where is the insulation being placed? A well insulated house cut 25% off of your energy bill, or possibly more. Those savings can be applied to making home payments instead of watching the money float off into space.

The materials which are specified for you siding and roofing can play a major role in home energy efficiency, too. Some drafting solutions avoid specifying higher grade materials in the fear it is too costly. A top notch Sunshine Coast or Brisbane draftsman like Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd understands this decision should be left up to the home buyer, not his whims. Spending just a few extra dollars on higher efficiency siding, roofing, and insulation can save more money in one or two years than it cost. Then in each succeeding year it becomes creates a lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of your home.
You can choose if you wish to have an energy efficient home to help the environment or just from your own personal decision to save money. In either situation getting the right home design requires working with a Brisbane draftsman who develops highly energy efficient homes. You can even elect to take this to another level and add solar panels for heating water, generating electricity, or providing a secondary source of hot air for your furnace system. These added items will add to the cost of your home, but reduce your dependence on the utility company. Ask the draftsman Brisbane residents turn to when they want to create an efficient home, Drafting Concepts.

Listen Closely To Ideas for More Energy Efficiency

When you sit down with Daryl Woods or Kwang Ja Lim tell them what types of energy efficient ideas you would like to explore. They can discuss estimated costs and potential implementation challenges with you. They may recommend you explore other ideas which can give you even better savings with less overall cost. Their years of experience working with builders and construction suppliers allow them to speak with authority on what works well.

Energy efficient design does not happen by accident. It takes careful thought and planning as the drafting solutions for your new home are created. This is one design feature which gives you a solid return on investment by cutting your energy costs for years.
Make sure you drafting Services Company understand your intent during your initial interview to get a free quote. Your Brisbane draftsman can make your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and cost efficient year round.

Creativity is a trait not every draftsman Brisbane home buyers talk to possess. Many of the people offering drafting services throughout the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas are excellent at putting lines on the computer, but when it comes to making innovative design choices or creatively overcoming problems they get stuck.

Creativity is something you should strongly desire in your choice of Brisbane draftsman. You may not be worried about high creativity from an aesthetic standpoint, but you should be interested in it from a functional standpoint. If your property has any unique features, is in an area with restrictive building codes, or any other challenges, it requires a creative mind to work within these restrictions and still build a home which meets your desires.

Do You Desire an Artistic Home or a Comfortable Home?

Not everyone desires a home which is artistic or a show-piece. Many of us just want a home which is highly functional, comfortable, and easy to maintain. This does not change the need to have an innovative person providing your drafting solutions. You probably have a few unique desires, special appliances, or some other item which makes your home special. It is sometimes these small differences which require the most innovative mind. How can you take a relatively standard design and make it mesh perfectly with the desires of the home buyer?

Daryl Wood and Kwang Ja Lim of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd are insistent on good communication with home buyers and builders during the design process. They have concluded the only way to be truly innovative and creative in designing a home is to work closely with the people who will build the home and live in it. A designer can sometimes come up with wild ideas only to discover they are going to be extremely costly or the buyer hates them. By communicating clearly throughout the process they make sure their creative ideas come together smoothly with the ideas of the home buyer and the needs of the builder.

When you sit down with your Brisbane draftsman during the quoting process or design phase of your home ask them questions about their most innovative properties. A fun question to ask is about how they overcame their biggest drafting challenge. The answers to these types of questions can give you some insight into their capability.

Browse Portfolios to Generate Ideas


Looking through the portfolio of draftsman Brisbane home buyers have been using will give you some good clues to their creative mind, also. A great example of creativity can be seen in the portfolio of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd. Take a look at the Miami Mansion they designed. The multiple levels of the home, the attached swimming pool, and fact the house is built into a hillside all required innovative ideas. Your home plans may not be quite as elaborate, but the same attention to detail is required.

What if you desire a creative home but are without ideas on your own? This is another time it is good to talk to your draftsman, Brisbane builders, and maybe even an artistic minded friend. Ask to see some the homes they have worked on in the past. Visit with them about where they get ideas from. Talk to your draftsman about what you find interesting, your lifestyle needs, and long-term desires. They can help you to take your whirling thoughts and start putting them into rough sketches and final construction drawings. When you have selected the right Brisbane draftsman coming up with innovative ideas is just part of their fun. Talk to Daryl or Kwang Ja Lim at Drafting Concepts about getting a free quote and at the same time discuss with them some of your ideas and desires.

When you first decide to build a home or do renovations it is the initial building costs which probably worry you the most. Have you stopped to think about what the affects of your decisions will be in 5 to 10 years? The resale value of your property is determined by many factors but some of the most important concern appearance and layout. Choosing a draftsman Brisbane home buyers have given great reviews for is one way to increase your odds of a high resale value in the future.

What factors will be affected by your choice of Brisbane draftsman? Nearly everything you can imagine about your home will be affected. The draftsman in many cases defines the materials which will be used, the location of pipes, electrical outlets, window locations, doors, and many other factors which affect the usability and desirability of your home.

Create a Home with the Feel Buyers Want

If you do not think minor decisions made today are going to play that big of a role think about all of the times either you or friends have gone looking at homes and commented “It doesn’t feel right” or “the bedrooms are not in the right place”, or even “the kitchen cupboards are all wrong”. It is just small details today during the design phase of your new home, but they are major issues later on if you attempt to sell your house.

Consider the fact the same issues which might annoy a buyer in five to ten years will probably make you crazy long before then. The lack of outlets in the living room leads to needing extra power strips, extension cords, and clutter. Kitchen cabinets which are not well designed and planned will leave you frustrated as you work in your kitchen. It is these tiny details which make you love your home or to start looking for a new one.

The company you select for your drafting services must listen closely to your desires and then give you feedback on what is most desired in homes today. Their experience working with real estate agents, builders, and home buyers give them insight into what is happening in the market.

One team which does an exceptional job of working with clients to create homes which increase in value is Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd. Their deep attention to details has created homes their clients love and which sell easily in the future. You cannot afford to take any risks on drafting solutions for a renovation or new home. It must be done right since the cost of making changes in nearly unbearable.

Sit Down with a Professional Draftsman to Discuss Your Concerns

To learn how one of the top Brisbane draftsmen works you should make contact with the offices of Drafting Concepts and ask for a free quote and consultation with Daryl Wood or Kwang Ja Lim. You will discover the process is actually very fun and relaxing.
A top quality Brisbane draftsman will remind you about details you might have thought were unimportant to total home value. Is a house worth more or less with a kitchen island? How many bathrooms make a home the most desirable on the market? What size homes are the most commonly sought by home buyers? These types of questions can help you make changes to your construction design plans before the building process begins.

Do not forget to discuss siding, landscaping, home styles, and other issues with a draftsman Brisbane builders enjoy working with. These details will help determine overall value of your home both today and in future years. It is the attention to detail today which will help determine the long-term value of your home.